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Think Outside The Breakfast Box

With school back in session, kids and adults should be fueling their day with a high quality, high protein breakfast. Not sugar, gluten, industrial processed seed oils, and other junk that’s typically found in traditional “breakfast foods.” I invite you…

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10 Tips for Corporate Athletes

If you’re watching (ahem, binging) Netflix’s “Quarterback” series, it’s evident, respectable, and impressive how much the QB’s invest in and emphasize their mental health and physical longevity. Each one has an insatiable desire to stay healthy and play competitive football…

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Meditation is the Zamboni for Your Brain

Watch the short video above to learn how meditation is the Zamboni for your brain. May was mental health awareness month and with things heating up on the ice during the NHL playoffs, I thought it might be a fun…

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10 Reasons to Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day

Today is National Walking Day! You may have heard the advice to walk 10,000 steps per day, which equates to roughly five miles. The average American doesn’t get half of this, so here are 10 reasons to walk 10,000 steps…

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Move The Ball One Yard Each Day To Reach Your Goal

To follow up on my previous post and with February being the month of Superbowl…(wait, isn’t there another big holiday in February?) ? I thought we’d talk about what touchdowns and big, audacious goals have in common: they’re both achieved…

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