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Think Outside The Breakfast Box

With school back in session, kids and adults should be fueling their day with a high quality, high protein breakfast. Not sugar, gluten, industrial processed seed oils, and other junk that’s typically found in traditional “breakfast foods.”

I invite you to think outside the breakfast box and reframe your perception of what is typically considered “breakfast foods” or “lunch foods” or “dinner foods.” There’s no such thing as “breakfast foods” – food is food; breakfast is merely a time of day. This mental shift opens a plethora of healthy options for breakfast!

An ideal meal (regardless of the time of day) should consist of the three macronutrients: high-quality protein, whole-food carbohydrates, and healthy fat. It’s important to eat at least 30g of protein at each meal (and potentially more based on your personal health goals), but  especially the first meal of the day after your body has been fasting for several hours. Proper protein consumption helps with blood sugar control, keeps you satiated (staving off “hangry”) and augments willpower to help you stick with your healthy eating plans. In this blog article, I’ll share 7 foods I eat for breakfast that help you hit these macronutrient goals.

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Chicken Salad

I’ll make a big batch of this Sunday afternoon and eat on it throughout the week. I generally adhere to Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe with some slight modifications: substitute the grapes for blueberries, sub pecans for walnuts (chef’s preference). You’ll see me eating this with a spoon straight from the bowl!

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Pulled Pork, Goat Cheese, & Honey

I’m obsessed with this pulled pork from Whole Foods! It’s pre-cooked so this is a super simple breakfast option. Simply heat in the skillet, crumble goat cheese on top, and drizzle with raw, organic honey.

Salmon & Honey

Salmon is both a protein and a healthy fat, so you get a twofer! Let’s talk about honey. Raw, organic honey is actually a super food. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals but like all sugars, it should be used sparingly. Aim to consume no more than 25g per day of sugar (that’s about 6 teaspoons).

Bison Steak, Goat Cheese, Fig Jam

Never had bison steak? You’re missing out! I actually prefer it to beef steak. The steaks can be cooked in advance and simply reheated in the skillet in the morning for a quick “bison toast” with goat cheese and fig jam.

Chicken Sausage with Egg

Applegate Farms can be found in most grocery stores and is a great option for a quick meal. Sometimes I’ll prepare the sausage patties with two over-easy eggs or if I’m in a hurry, I’ll quickly cook the sausage links and eat them on the go.

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Quiche / Frittatas

I’m taking some liberties here and counting quiche as #6 and frittatas as #7, even though they’re basically the same thing (eggs) cooked in different pan wear. I make a mean Caprese Quiche (sub with sun dried tomatoes instead). You can easily turn this into personal frittatas by pouring the mixture into a cupcake pan (don’t forget the cupcake liners for simple clean up!)  Both of these options freeze very well so they’re an easy option for busy mornings.

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