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“Everyone needs to create time to focus on their health but many of just don’t prioritize. This session was a wake up call highlighting the things I need to do to improve and maintain my health. This workshop provided a guide to take small steps in the right direction to achieve better health, higher energy and more confidence to help reach personal goals. Thank you for sharing your story which gave me motivation to make real changes in my life.”


“Abby partnered with our organization, the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association, to co-create a Wellness Workshop to meet the unique needs of our members. Our Athletic Administrators want to show up as their best selves day-in, day-out, so it was important that we provide a convenient wellness opportunity that fits within the busy schedules of a high school athletic director. Abby developed content and materials to support our members’ mental and physical health in a way that was engaging and educational. If your employees, members, constituents’ health is a priority for your organization, I recommend working with Abby to develop a Wellness Workshop that meets your people’s needs, challenges, and priorities so they can show up as their best selves everyday.”

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“As a working professional and mom of two young kids, with a passion for advancing women’s careers, my own healthy habits seem to fall off the never-ending ‘to do’ list. Bringing the Wellness Workshop to my Walmart/Sam’s Club mentoring circle and the Northwest Arkansas’ NextUp chapter interested me because I not only needed to get my health back on track but also heard the same from my mentees and peers. Abby’s passion for supporting people envision their health goals and what it takes to achieve them exudes in her Wellness Workshop. Her energy, engagement, and encouragement create an environment that taps into your deepest desires to assess where you’re at today and where you’d like to be. My mentees and colleagues walked away with a deeper understanding of important health concepts, personal insights and ah ha’s, and individual action steps towards our goals. If your employee’s, team’s, and mentee’s health is a priority, I recommend Abby’s Wellness Workshop as a professional development, employee engagement, and team appreciation opportunity that will result in your long-term wellbeing.

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